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The world's first professional color box exhibition 3 moon phase Guangdong

the world's first large-scale and professional color box professional exhibition "2006 Lihua international color box Exhibition" will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center from March 1 to 3. A few days ago, it was learned from the organizer that many color printing plants with large furniture scale and strength in Foshan have signed up for the exhibition, and a number of professional color printing manufacturers have also scrambled to apply to attend the exhibition

Guangdong is a major printing Province in China, with the number of printing enterprises ranking first in the country. According to experts' prediction, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the total output value of China's packaging industry is expected to reach 450 billion yuan, and maintain an average annual growth rate of 7%. However, in the face of such a broad development prospect, there is a lack of communication platform between manufacturers and enterprises, and there is also a lack of professional exhibitions to provide opportunities for the color box packaging industry to display technology, products and understand needs

the organizer said that holding the world's first large-scale and professional color box exhibition in Guangdong catered to the rapid development needs of the domestic market. It was revealed that almost all the world's well-known color box printing and manufacturing equipment, raw materials and service suppliers as well as all large and medium-sized color box factories in China were invited to the exhibition. The exhibits cover the whole process of pre press, printing and post-processing of color boxes, aiming to build a platform for exchange and cooperation for the industry through exhibition, visit and exchange of new technologies and processes, speed up the application of scientific and technological achievements in the color box industry, improve the overall level of the color box industry, and open up a broader application market

it is reported that the exhibition will also hold a number of special theme activities, including tobacco packaging and printing technology forum, Chinese and foreign excellent color box display, color box manufacturing and packaging series to reach 1% accuracy is enough training, and color box industry technical lectures, so as to promote the overall improvement of the quality of the five performance judgments in the industry

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