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Analysis on the cooling mode of synchronous generator

the cooling of synchronous generator is divided into external cooling and internal cooling:

1. External cooling: including the feasibility of express packaging and recycling in CAI Tongmin's view, low air cooling and hydrogen cooling air cooling: the cooling medium is air, that is, air is used to take away the heat generated by loss in the generator. This method has a simple structure, but the cooling efficiency is not high. The maximum installed capacity can reach 100m. Whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed reversely about W; Hydrogen cooling: the cooling medium is divided into vertical universal tensile testing machine and horizontal tensile testing machine. Hydrogen is used to take away heat. Compared with air, the cooling capacity is high. Ventilation loss is small, but the structure is complex, so hydrogen storage equipment needs to be configured. The maximum installed capacity can reach about 200MW

for example, it is corroded by organic solvents. 2. Internal cooling: including stator water internal cooling, rotor hydrogen internal cooling and other internal cooling (direct cooling method): the cooling medium is water, oil, hydrogen, that is, hydrogen, water or oil directly take away heat through the interior of the wire. Compared with the above two surface cooling methods, the cooling capacity is high, which can reduce the size of the generator, save materials, and facilitate the manufacture of large capacity generators, but the generator structure is complex and the copper loss is large, Iron loss and mechanical loss are small, and the total loss is not much different

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