2017 lean management promotion meeting held at the

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Jianglu held the 2017 lean management promotion meeting

Jianglu held the 2017 lean management promotion meeting

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on April 26, Jianglu held the 2017 lean management promotion meeting

At the meeting, ligangli, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of the company, put forward five requirements. First, for a long time, adhere to the lean management work, and achieve the goal of "saving, creating efficiency, reaching the standard, and culture"; Second, focus on key points, grasp lean improvement projects, and solve the company's key and difficult problems; Third, we should pay attention to practical results, pay close attention to reasonable suggestions, timely reward and publicize monthly to encourage everyone to actively participate; Fourth, keep improving and continue to do a good job in on-site management, so as to "focus on the site as a hotel, lean as a family, and state-owned enterprises as private enterprises"; Fifth, take multiple measures at the same time to continuously improve the level of lean management and rationalization suggestions of the company, and achieve the three-level standard of lean management inspection and evaluation

PENG Jian'an, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union of the company, presided over the meeting and proposed three strengthening measures. First, strengthen organizational leadership; Second, strengthen benchmarking rectification; Third, strengthen assessment and reward

in 2017, lean management should aim at "improving quality, reducing cost, increasing efficiency and strengthening the foundation", and focus on the 12 links of "science and engineering, human and property, production, supply and marketing, quality, safety and environment", determine the key work in five aspects of "one main line and four special projects", that is, take the implementation evaluation of lean management as the main line to reach the three-level level level, and simultaneously carry out comprehensive improvement and improvement activities of quality and efficiency, lean research and development, lean production demonstration line Rationalization suggestions and other four special work will finally ensure the implementation of the full value chain systematic lean management strategy. Li Wenchang put forward 12 specific goals and 35 improvement measures to ensure the effectiveness of the company's lean management this year, and comprehensively improve the cow card, tile paper, white card, etc. all set a new record high. The company strives to form the production and marketing capacity and benefit management level as soon as possible, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the company

before the meeting, the participants visited the production site of the third branch factory where bamboo fiber reinforced composites were used in automotive interior parts. The leaders of the third branch reported their lean management experience


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