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Analysis of the basic structure of bridge crane

1 The bridge is formed by two box girders, two box end girders and the walkway outside the two girders. The girder is rigidly connected with the end girders, and the middle of the two end girders are connected with bolts, which are removable. The girder is used to bear the weight and external load of the trolley. It must have sufficient strength, static stiffness and dynamic stiffness to ensure that under the specified load, the main beam will not deform within the allowable range of elastic downward deflection. The camber of the main beam is used to offset the national defense policy that always pursues defense. Industrial temperature compensation is one of the difficulties in the production of tension testing machine sensors. The elastic deformation of the main beam during the operation can reduce the climbing and sliding of the trolley, And ensure the transmission performance of the crane operating mechanism. The end beam is the main load-bearing component of the bridge crane. Step 1: check the software first, assemble and weld steel plates into a box structure, and install the wheel group of the crane under the end beam to bear the vertical load of the crane

2. Using this technology, the crane running mechanism has been widely used in the production lines of chemical fiber, film, profile, pipe, plate, cable, composite extrusion, granulation and so on. The two driving wheels have two sets of symmetrical and independent driving devices, which are mainly composed of motors, brakes, reducers, wheels and other components. All mechanisms adopt rolling bearing mechanisms, and all components are connected by gear couplings, The axles of the main and driven motor cars are supported on the angular bearing box for easy assembly and disassembly

3. The trolley frame is welded by steel plates, which is equipped with a lifting mechanism and a running mechanism

4. Lifting mechanism: the bridge hook crane is equipped with a lifting mechanism on the upper part of the trolley frame, which is an independent driving device in case of a single hook; When there are two main and auxiliary hooks, there are two sets of independent driving devices as the lifting mechanism. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the work, the high-speed shaft of the reducer is equipped with a braking device, and the bearing seat at one end of the drum is equipped with a lifting height limit position

5. Trolley running mechanism: the trolley running mechanism is a vertical reducer driven by a motor. The low-speed shaft of the reducer is connected to the driving wheel in a centralized way, and the other end of the motor shaft is equipped with a brake

6. Safety device: in order to ensure the safety of the lifting equipment and prevent accidents during lifting operation, the lifting mechanism is equipped with safety protection devices. Common protective devices include: limit switch, buffer, anti-collision device, lifting limiter, etc

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