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Cloud storage is facing the bottleneck of encrypted data retrieval. At present, many data centers are facing several major problems, including soaring energy costs, inefficient infrastructure management tools, and unclear government regulatory behavior. A number of survey data show that it is particularly important to improve the efficiency of data center infrastructure management (DCIM)

a complete DCIM solution can display the infrastructure of the entire data center, such as the heat distribution of the floor and cooling channels, the heat of servers and racks, and so on. Through this software, the staff of the data center can simulate any situation to make the best judgment on the performance of the data center. Through the DCIM solution, we can better use the historical data and tracking trend to require that cathode material enterprises can meet the requirements of power battery enterprises for higher performance materials to predict the future demand, including power, cooling and space, so as to reduce energy costs and improve the operation efficiency of the data center

gartner's report shows that DCIM solutions have been proven to reduce data center operating costs by 20%. Other studies have shown that DCIM solutions can reduce the deployment time of new servers by 50% and extend the life of the data center by 5 years. In today's increasingly rising energy prices, this is a great opportunity for all enterprises to recognize this and take action

soaring energy prices

data center has always been a major energy user, but the sharp rise in energy costs and the continuous expansion of data center infrastructure have forced data center managers to constantly think about how to operate the data center more effectively

about 40% of the data center operating costs are power costs, and this trend will continue to rise by 2014, because enterprises will have to spend more money on power, while the cost of management and hardware will rise by a small margin. In North America, the cost of electricity will double in 2015, which will make the cost of data centers even worse. The experience of data centers will face unprecedented pressure in reducing the cost of energy consumption

this is a difficult problem for data center experience, because they need to have the clearest understanding of many details, such as cooling efficiency, power distribution, and so on. According to a survey report of the data center:

· more than 75% of the data center staff only know the dynamic configuration files related to the currently used servers

· about 7% of the staff are unable to handle their servers with the best efficiency

· about 20% of the staff did not do so although they knew that their servers could be better utilized

· 20% of the respondents believed that 10% to 30% of their servers were idle

the burden caused by these problems is

· the efficiency of business processes is very low and lack of flexibility. Under great pressure, it departments must constantly meet the changing business needs. Data center integration is an important measure, especially in meeting business goals

· more than 50% of existing data centers do not have enough space or power and cooling equipment

· expensive real estate costs. According to statistics, the price of building a new data center without square feet is about $2000, which may rise to $3000 in the future. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to optimize the data center than to build a new data center

from all walks of life and government agencies, carbon emissions are increasingly restricted. In legislation, it has been determined that reducing carbon emissions can obtain tax cuts, which greatly promotes enterprises and data centers to control their carbon emissions. Obviously, reducing carbon emissions has become a key indicator of a data center, and green and low-carbon will become an important standard to measure the success of a data center

dcim solution

in managing the infrastructure of the entire data center, CIOs should focus on equipment performance and business expansion. DCIM's solution can make the most effective use of power and cooling systems, and plan the most effective space through the data center to optimize the overall environment and cost-effectiveness of the data center

a complete DCIM solution can help you:

* discovery: data center managers cannot manage what they don't find. DCIM solution can provide the ability to automatically search IT assets, collect important data that can accelerate the implementation, and update the friction test production record of your assets at any time

* visualization: once the assets are recorded, DCIM solution can map the logical data collected in the discovery process and create a virtual model of the entire data center assets

* model: we should promote the development of civil aircraft material industry; 2. Effectively manage assets based on airworthiness requirements. DCIM will provide the ability to manipulate the virtual model of the data center and generate a refined "what if" script, so that you can understand what impact any migration, addition and change may have on the power, cooling and space of the data center, so that you can have an accurate concept before the actual action

* control: after making changes in the virtual model, DCIM can provide the ability to define and control the process of executing service requests, generate improved service delivery by using graphical workflow and automatic execution, shorten the deployment time of the server, and enforce the best practices such as ITIL and COBIT

* report: DCIM supports the real-time collection of power and various environmental indicator data. In order to enable such information to be used for management evaluation, it can also provide some business intelligence tools

* prediction: when it comes to the capacity of the data center, it is predicted that the future expansion will definitely be different from "business expansion" or "business suspension". Using historical data, DCIM can track the business development trend and predict the future demand for space, cooling capacity and power

because enterprises need to control energy costs for environmental protection initiatives and economic reasons, managers need to improve the efficiency of data centers, so deploying DCIM solutions is inevitable

looking forward to the development of data centers requires DCIM solutions. Smart data center managers will realize that they must stop making rough estimates and start accurate planning. The days of over configuring or using Visio and Excel to manage data centers are over. Now is the era of DCIM. (end)

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