Analysis of the cost threat of the shackles of the

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Analysis of the cost threat of the shackles of the development of the paper industry

when the price of supermarket commodities is shocking, and when the asking price of agricultural products is rising, the paper industry can not avoid the heavy burden brought by the increase in costs. The shackles of cost are making the paper industry into the mud of meager profits and difficult to break free. When the market demand is weak, reducing the cost has become the most urgent task for paper enterprises to make titanium alloy have good ductility and plasticity

initial experience of low-cost strategy

due to the large fluctuation of the market price of wood pulp and wood chips, it affects the production cost of machine-made paper products of paper-making enterprises and offsets the performance of enterprises. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the raw materials of paper industry account for more than 50% of the cost

in recent years, the prices of raw materials such as wood and waste paper have continued to rise sharply, which has a great impact on the main business of paper enterprises. At present, the increasing cost of production factors, especially the sharp rise in human capital, has led to a continuous decline in the profitability of the paper industry. In order to reduce costs, large paper-making enterprises can be described as doing everything they can to implement low-cost strategies

in 2012, Shixian Bailu Paper Co., Ltd. eliminated high energy consumption equipment and backward production technology, reduced transportation costs, and implemented the 25000 ton/year lignin dry powder spray tower project. Through various channels, while actively purchasing domestic wood chips, the company takes full advantage of the geographical advantages adjacent to Russia to organize the procurement of wood chips from surrounding and other countries to ensure adequate supply of raw materials. This not only broadens the supply channels of raw materials, but also reduces the purchase cost of raw materials

facing the complex economic and industrial environment, sun paper implements four business strategies: cost optimization, brand management, informatization and refined management. The active implementation of the cost optimization strategy has greatly improved the comprehensive production performance of the company. Most of the company's paper machines have achieved the goal of reducing the cost of paper by 100 yuan per ton; Through scientific scheduling, the new production scheduling center has realized the comprehensive and efficient utilization of water, electricity and steam energy

in 2012, Jingxing paper company increased the transformation of production equipment, implemented the transformation of pulping system, improved the utilization efficiency of pulp, reduced the generation and emission of waste, and achieved the goal of energy conservation, consumption reduction and production cost reduction. Transform some paper machines with low production efficiency, high energy consumption and backward varieties to realize the flexible allocation of product varieties and specifications. The wastewater produced by the company is mainly treated centrally through the joint sewage treatment in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, and the sewage discharge cost is lower than the daily operation cost of sewage treatment of general companies in the industry. Lower fixed asset investment and operating costs enable the company to maintain a cost advantage in environmental protection

At present, China's paper industry is in a major strategic transformation period of connecting the preceding and the following and innovation driven development. However, although some enterprises have made a lot of efforts in the process of technological innovation, due to the imperfection of technological innovation system and mechanism, the effect of promoting enterprise scientific and technological progress and controlling product quality and cost is not significant, and the economic benefit of investment is low

experts believe that most enterprises lack a scientific technological innovation system at present; The operating mechanism of technological innovation activities is not reasonable; In the introduction of technological innovation, some enterprises did not fully consider their own digestion and absorption capacity. As a result, they could neither promote the scientific and technological progress of enterprises, nor enhance the economic benefits of enterprises, and the limited funds were not effectively utilized; The lack of scientific analysis and demonstration is an important reason for waste caused by technological innovation activities. Enterprises must conduct feasibility and risk analysis when making any technological investment

compared with the foreign paper industry, China's pulp and paper enterprises not only have high energy consumption, but also have low energy self-sufficiency rate. Many enterprises have hardly utilized pulping waste liquid and other associated energy, resulting in serious energy waste, which will inevitably lead to the increase of production costs. In addition, China's pulp and paper enterprises should also pay attention to the reduction of labor costs and chemical costs

Qian Guijing, President of China Paper Association, believes that from the perspective of the actual situation of the paper industry, we should pay attention to the efficient and high-quality utilization of resources, develop high value-added products, and make efficient use of water, steam, waste, etc., so as to vigorously promote circular development, enhance the value of the industrial chain, improve the output level, and improve the added value. The 2010 forest paper industry technology roadmap of the United States proposed to turn paper mills into bio refineries, with products ranging from traditional pulp, paper and paper products to biomass chemicals and biomass energy. Its core is to increase the value of raw materials and create an industrial value-added chain for the conversion of biomass to products. China's pulp and paper enterprises have a short industrial chain due to raw materials and other reasons, but China's paper industry has great potential in the efficient use of raw materials, waste, waste gas and so on. Therefore, great efforts should be made to rely on technological progress, careful management, comprehensively improve the efficiency of all factors, constantly improve the output level of paper mills, and improve non paper output, so as to resolve the high cost pressure

cost strategy becomes a basic skill

for a long time, the growth mode of high input, high consumption and low cost that the paper industry relies on has been unsustainable. Now, the paper industry must accelerate the transformation of development mode, optimize structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and start a new battle with a new development idea

paper enterprises should increase R & D investment and technological innovation, do a good job in transfer and innovation, and further reduce production costs through the transformation and upgrading of enterprise products and raw materials, and adopt new technologies, so as to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises; Strengthen cost management, start from the source, strengthen process control, and promote the reduction of various consumption. Clips of special materials must be used and the cost must be reduced, so as to finally achieve the business goal; We should actively try innovative financial products, flexibly use financial varieties and instruments, optimize the financing structure, reduce capital costs, and improve the efficiency of capital use. It is gratifying that from the 2012 annual report of listed paper enterprises, it can be seen that enterprises have taken cost control as the primary task for the company to achieve profits in the future, and have come up with a load reduction plan

in order to solve the bottleneck problem of raw materials that restricts the development of the company, Chenming Paper Company has increased production. 2. Gas exchange pressure difference tester; The ability to control product costs will focus on the construction of Zhanjiang wood pulp project and supporting raw material forest base in Guangdong Province. At the same time, the construction of Hubei forestry project base will be accelerated to create an integrated industrial chain of Forest Pulp and paper, so as to get rid of the constraints of upstream resources on the company and enhance the sustainable development ability of the company

Yueyang Paper Company will increase the delivery of finished products this year, reduce unreasonable capital backlog, reduce capital costs, and improve the speed of capital turnover; In addition, we will open up financing channels, obtain low-cost financing support from controlling shareholders, direct controllers, actual controllers and their financial companies through the issuance of corporate bonds, and further optimize the debt structure

Bohui paper company has implemented the target cost management method, formulated a scientific post target cost, directly linked the cost savings to the employee's income through the strict assessment of the consumption of materials, auxiliary materials, energy, water, etc. in different processes, and established the corresponding reward and punishment mechanism, An expert from building materials said, "inorganic thermal insulation materials can be used to encourage production increase and saving. The company regularly organizes personnel to revise the target cost and constantly tap the production potential

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