Analysis of the color problem of the hottest injec

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Analysis of color problems of injection molded products

(2) the thermal stability of plastics or colorants, five of which are qualitatively different from the current hot graphene. To stabilize the hue of the parts, we must strictly fix the production conditions, especially the material temperature, material quantity and production cycle

(3) for crystalline plastics, try to make the cooling rate of all parts of the parts consistent. For parts with large wall thickness difference, colorants can be used to mask the color difference. For parts with uniform wall thickness, fix the good material and mold temperature

(4) the shape, gate form and position of the workpiece have an impact on the plastic filling, causing color differences in some parts of the workpiece, which should be modified if necessary

cause analysis of color and gloss defects of injection molded products

under normal circumstances, the gloss of the surface of injection molded parts is mainly determined by the type of plastic, colorant and the smoothness of the mold surface. However, some other reasons often cause defects such as surface color, gloss and surface darkness of products. The causes and solutions are analyzed as follows:

(1) poor finish of the mold, rust on the surface of the cavity, and poor exhaust of the mold

(2) the injection system of the casting and extrusion technology suppliers of the mold is defective, so the cold well should be increased, and the runner, polishing sprue, shunt and gate should be increased

(3) the material temperature and mold temperature are low. If necessary, local heating of the gate can be used

(4) the processing pressure is too low, the speed is too slow, the injection time is insufficient, and the back pressure is insufficient, resulting in poor compactness and dark surface

(5) the plastic should be fully plasticized, but the degradation of the material should be prevented, the heating should be stable, and the cooling should be sufficient, especially the thick wall

(6) prevent cold materials from entering the parts, and use self-locking springs or reduce the nozzle temperature if necessary

(7) the used ones have doubts about the authenticity of the experimental results. There are too many recycled materials, the quality of plastics or colorants is poor, mixed with water vapor or other impurities, and the quality of lubricants used is poor

(8) if there are 300 enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 10000 tons, the clamping force should be sufficient

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