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Analysis on the application status of moisture-proof coating water repellent in cartons

cartons account for the largest proportion of all kinds of product packaging. For example, cartons, cartons, paper bags, common types are separation, shear, barrier, diversion and wavy, paper barrels, honeycomb paperboards, etc., which are regarded as green packaging for their wide range of uses, easy recycling and reuse, and meet the requirements of environmental protection. This paper focuses on the introduction of the moisture-proof coating water repellent, which has many types of experimental machines produced by Jinan material experimental machine factory, in order to promote the wide application of this moisture-proof agent product in the field of cartons, so that the moisture-proof effect of cartons is better, the cost is lower, and the economic benefit is more remarkable

the advent of water repellent

the 1990s was the fastest period of carton development in China. But at the same time, enterprises are facing the requirements of customers for the moisture-proof performance of cartons, because there is no better solution for the moment. So we have to use traditional tung oil, fanning water, water glass, etc. to paint. Although it can achieve a certain moisture-proof purpose, it does not fully meet the requirements of environmental protection. Even in order to meet the moisture-proof requirements of customers' export packaging, some carton manufacturers have to spend high foreign exchange prices to import carton moisture-proof coatings that meet both safety and health requirements and environmental protection requirements to solve this problem

in the face of this situation, the domestic carton industry earnestly hopes that Chinese scientific research institutions can develop a carton moisture-proof coating with high quality and low price as soon as possible, which meets the requirements of safety, health and environmental protection. The new moisture-proof coating water repellent agent for cartons was successfully developed in Chengdu in 1992. Since it was put on the market in the world, it has been favored and praised by carton manufacturers

advantages of water repellent

low cost. The water extractor is a super concentrated coating, which can be used after purchasing 1 ton and diluting with about 15 tons of tap water. It not only greatly reduces the transportation cost, but also increases the cost of only 1 to a few cents per square meter of the carton surface (due to the difference of paper, the consumption is different, and the required cost is also different)

simple and convenient operation. It can be carried out synchronously on the corrugated board automatic production line. Before the board is compounded, the water repellent is automatically coated on the paper surface of the box board with the conveyor belt. After the compounding process, it immediately enters the automatic drying area for drying, which can complete the moisture-proof treatment, and has no impact on the printing of the subsequent process. At the same time, the corrugated after coating 14, reliable: the user-defined limit and end of the experimental conditions, the surface color of the paperboard remains unchanged, and the strength increases

good moisture-proof effect. The cartons formed after being coated with water repellent will not be deformed due to moisture, and the compressive strength, puncture force and storage time of the cartons will be greatly improved (the moisture content of the paperboard will increase by 1%, and the compressive strength will decrease by 3%), and the performance is stable

significant moisture-proof characteristics. The surface of the paper products after using the water repellent does not adhere to the water, and the fluidity is good. The surface of the carton is smooth, the pH value is neutral, and the water stays on the surface for about 3 hours without infiltration. As the water repellent agent is a non-toxic, tasteless, non corrosive, non combustible, non explosive, harmless to people, safe and hygienic, and non polluting green environmental protection moisture-proof coating, the use and comparison of users in carton production enterprises over the years have proved that this product is completely comparable to similar foreign products, and it is an ideal moisture-proof coating that replaces imported moisture-proof agents and uses harmful solvents such as traditional tung oil, fanning water, and water glass. Convenient for storage. It can't change any quality in the storage state. It is suitable for storage above 0 ℃, and the normal storage period can be up to 2 years

performance and cost analysis of water repellent

due to the high quality and low price of the product, all indicators are superior to the relevant national standards (refer to the hygienic standard for composite food packaging bags gb9683-88) through the inspection of Chengdu Institute of product quality supervision and inspection (Chengdu Center for quality inspection of packaging products in China)

the price of water extractant: 10000 yuan/ton, but the actual cost is:

use it with water at the ratio of 1:20, about 476 yuan/ton

use it with water at the ratio of 1:15, about 625 yuan/ton

use it with water at the ratio of 1:10, about 900 yuan/ton

the price of traditional tung oil moisture-proof agent is 6000 yuan/ton; Glazing moisture-proof agent is 4000 yuan/ton; And it can't be mixed with water

problems that should be paid attention to in the application of water dispersing agent

water dispersing agent has also introduced other ideas in the process of more than 10 years from R & D, production to sales, which is still of positive significance today

application problems in paper industry. When some paper mills learned the information of this water extractor, they raised the positive idea of whether it can be applied in the paper production process, so as to provide moisture-proof paper for carton manufacturers. In this regard, after investigation and analysis, on the one hand, due to the variety, specification, quantity, price, supply channel and many other factors of carton production enterprises, it is inconvenient to arrange production and sales; On the other hand, the carton manufacturing enterprises are affected by the same problems of users, and the paper mills are unable to achieve their wishes for the time being. Nevertheless, with the large-scale development of the carton industry, these good wishes will be realized sooner or later

application problems of carton enterprises. Some carton manufacturing enterprises may not be able to achieve large-scale production for the time being, and it is difficult to reach an agreement with paper-making enterprises, but there should be some ways. For example, carton manufacturers can take the road of alliance. First, sign purchase contracts with several carton manufacturers; Second, according to the same variety, specification, price and other conditions ordered by each carton manufacturer, paper enterprises can learn how much paper needs to be treated with moisture-proof agent, so as to organize production and meet demand

application problems of other cartons. As the performance and quality of packaging products can be effectively improved after the carton is treated with moisture-proof agent, the application scope should be expanded. If it can be expanded to carton manufacturing enterprises such as cartons, paper bags, paper barrels, honeycomb paperboards, etc., so that they can be inspired by the new soil remediation material developed by Guangdong, which is expected to control lead and cadmium pollution, and actively adopt it to improve the moisture-proof performance of their products and expand the field of packaging applications, it will be of great benefit. At the same time, some cartons can also replace some paper plastic composite bags after using moisture-proof agents, which can not only reduce the cost of enterprises, but also help reduce the generation of garbage

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