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Analysis of the operation path of carton factory (1)

at present, China's corrugated board products have been among the best. With the rapid growth of carton sales, the corrugated box industry continues to develop at a high speed. While achieving fruitful fruits of victory, it also ushered in brutal competition. Domestic manufacturers are facing great competitive pressure. In the face of such a fierce market competition environment, if they want to stand firm in the fierce market competition, the majority of carton enterprises must open up a new road, formulate innovative strategies, and do not need to protect the long service life - actively carry out new products, expand new fields, and the development of corrugated board to extend its use is in line with the trend of development. Although it is still in its infancy, there is no large-scale development, and there are even many unsolved problems, many manufacturers are optimistic that the development complementary to the conventional corrugated box products is an inevitable trend for the development of corrugated board extension products. The carton factory has something to say about the market development, current situation analysis and future prediction of corrugated board extension products! Technical director of Tianjin Huaming carton factory

the development of the extended use of corrugated cardboard is the way to seek change and development

Tianjin Huaming carton factory is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of cartons. As early as a few years ago, we began to produce corrugated board extension products with different shapes - carton lined packaging paper products. For example, the complementary advantages of the flat have a wide range of warning significance. The mats placed on the bottom of the box and the goods, the vertical plates placed around the inner side of the box, the circles made into square cylinders and sleeved on the inner wall of the carton, and the squares separated by glass bottles. The products of the factory have covered food, beverage, electronics, toothpaste and other fields. The carton lining is a kind of accessory that is matched with the carton, easy to fix the products in the carton and play a protective role. Nowadays, in corrugated box packaging, various linings made of corrugated cardboard are used for many goods to replace accessories made of foam, plastic and other materials to stabilize goods, increase the shockproof and compression resistance of cartons, and better protect the goods they pack

I learned that the early equipment of Tianjin Huaming carton factory was relatively simple, and only some simple box partitions and gaskets were made according to the requirements of customers. For example: Bottled Baijiu, bottled soy sauce, vinegar, canned food and other bold bottled food. In order to prevent the collision between bottles in the process of handling, the user requires that a partition be placed between the bottles and a pad be placed on both ends of the box to improve the compression resistance and softness; Moderate vibration. With the continuous improvement of equipment grade and the continuous change of market demand, the requirements of the liner in the carton have also changed. For example, some high-end bottled food have changed the square partition in the past, and the bottle is firmly fixed in the round hole according to the clothes, which is used with the lining plate, which greatly improves the compression resistance, shock resistance and other characteristics of the carton. The customer reported that compared with the previous square partition, the damage rate of the goods has decreased significantly

the person in charge said that the raw materials of the carton liners produced by the factory are all made of waste corrugated cardboard for reconstruction. In terms of production technology, compared with the production of corrugated boxes, it is much simpler. The production of cartons generally involves printing, and then pressing lines, slotting, corner cutting and jointing, or die-cutting jointing. Printing plays a key role in the production of cartons. However, only a few carton liners are required to be printed or only used for the printing of some numbers, so the equipment investment in the production of carton liners is relatively small. For example, ordinary grids and mats can be completed by using equipment such as paper separator and nine knife slotting machine; Even for the production of high-grade new partitions and ceramic parts in the box, the flat pressing (including automatic) die-cutting machine used is much cheaper than those high-end printing and slotting machines. Corrugated paper products folded after die cutting are used to fix and protect some high-end chemical and electromechanical electronic products, plasma rear projection TVs and liquid crystal rear projection TVs. The liner used in the production process uses laser cutting technology in the production of die-cutting plate, which gives full play to the advantages of corrugated cardboard, replacing the unsatisfactory partition and part of the stability of the goods in the carton. However, due to the random selection of left and right rotation and compact structure, this process cannot be used in the partition and liner of food packaging

at the same time, the technician also revealed that the main technical problem encountered in the production of carton lining is the accuracy of size. That is, it is difficult to make die-cutting board, but the application of laser technology has solved this problem. It should be noted that some customers have certain requirements for the thickness of the lining used, because the cardboard is too thick, it will occupy the space inside the carton, and it is too thin to achieve the effect of compression, shock and bump resistance

at present, the lining produced by the factory is mainly produced in accordance with the requirements of customers, and the carton lining is not sold separately as a product; In terms of price, it is also bundled with cartons. But for the carton factory, the biggest advantage of making such products is that it can use the scrap left by die cutting special-shaped boxes, as well as the bad cardboard in production as materials. The cost is saved for the production of the whole lining

from the perspective of market prospects, the person in charge believes that most carton factories are still in the state of "meeting customer needs". The lack of their own research and development of carton products can not guide customers to change their ideas and use corrugated products to replace other fixed fillers. Personally, he believes that the development of corrugated board extension products is the road of development and change in the increasingly competitive carton industry. Guiding customers to develop new products requires strong cooperation between marketing and technology departments. At the same time, it also needs more participation in the design of paper products. I believe that as long as we work together, the future will be brilliant

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