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Analysis of product marketing methods of various machine tool enterprises

nowadays, like automobile enterprises, industrial product enterprises have also opened 4S stores and 6S stores to shorten the distance between products and customers, so as to promote the cognition and identification experience of products and brands. With the exclusive display space of the brand, it is also necessary to create a vivid exhibition hall. Today, just like the automobile enterprises with a depth of 500mm, industrial products enterprises have also opened 4S stores and 6S stores to shorten the distance between products and customers, so as to promote the cognition and identification experience of products and brands. With the exclusive display space of the brand, it is also necessary to create a vivid exhibition hall. Good products, together with the soft environment created by refinement and carefully trained tour guides, can fully release the appeal of the brand exhibition hall. With a high-quality showroom experience, subsequent sales promotion will be labor-saving and efficient

vivid interpretation of the exhibition hall of Sandvik chroman

Sandvik chroman is a direct brand of cutting tools, with an annual sales of about 1.8 billion yuan in China, accounting for more than 20% of the imported cutting tools. Exhibition centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Xi'an and Shanghai have been opened in China. With more than 300 front-line sales personnel and technical engineers, there is a rear area that can capture the soul of customers. The brand experience and front-line promotion complement each other

Sandvik croman's training system covers the company's employees, end customers and agents. New employees should receive six months of intensive training before they can go to see customers. For the old employees, there are also 60 hours of training requirements every year, and the continuous updating of knowledge and skills ensures the marketing vitality of Sandvik

the training courses for end customers will be placed on the company's station, and the customers will choose the courses themselves. Basic knowledge and application of cutting tools, generally operated by vocational trainers; The more professional industrial applications are undertaken by senior engineers. The training manual and product samples are designed with pictures and texts, which are easy to query and understand. The visual communication of professional knowledge can be described as a painstaking effort. When it comes to the excellent performance of the product, there are also well-made three-dimensional animation. The invisible exquisite craftsmanship has become a visible customer benefit. Sandvik Keleman's training courses have made product promotion invisible, and price sensitivity has begun to give way to value recognition

the product display stand is divided into four exhibition areas: turning, milling, hole machining and tool handle. A touch-screen LED is placed on the top to query the functional details of relevant products at any time. For senior managers of customer enterprises, Sandvik Keleman also created a special training on manufacturing economics. The positive value brought by high-end cutting tools and machine tool processing efficiency and utilization rate far exceeds the increase of purchase cost. Through the two training courses of green light production and manufacturing economics, the company enables customers to learn how to calculate sub accounts, especially those chief engineers and business owners. Once they listen carefully, they can forget the tool price and gradually agree that good tools can improve the productivity of machine tools

in the machine tool operation area, Sandvik cooperates with senjing machine, Okuma, DMG and Shenyang machine tool to mark the words that the machine tool uses capto tools on the machine tool cover. For finishing enterprises, machine tools are the first demand, and cutting tools are the second. Sandvik Keleman has specially set up the MI machine tool investment department, with 14 full-time sales managers, who work closely with major machine tool manufacturers to equip their own cutting tools in the machine tools purchased by customer enterprises. Don't underestimate the initial configuration. It can bring about two years of continuous purchase. It's not so easy to change the brand when customers are used to their own knives. This kind of embedded marketing is really smart, and it is worthy of more speculation by parts enterprises

in addition to cooperating with machine tool manufacturers, Sandvik clonman also cooperates with shell (lubricating oil and cutting coolant), system3r (shockproof fixture), zoller (tool detection), Assab (abrasive material) and other manufacturers. Their product posters and sales manager business cards have a place in the machine tool operation area. The joint exhibition of related brands enables customers to solve all problems at one time, and the sales linkage effect between brands can be realized

now manager Wang, who is specially responsible for the cooperation project of machine tool manufacturers (MI machine tool investment), knows his own products, machine tool matching and the purchasing habits of customer enterprises like the back of his hand. His love for his own brand also deeply infected the machine tool marketing manager of our line. Some people lament that the vivid exhibition hall of Sandvik Keleman also makes us really be promoted by the brand

as a traditional marketing activity of demarche, openhouse has always been considered by the company as the best way to strengthen communication with the market and customers. The gap between moving knife and fixed knife: a crusher above 20HP of 0.8mm is preferred. On December 13 and 16, 2005, the first openhouse of demarche China was officially held. 172 companies and 372 users from all over the country in the automobile, aviation, ordnance, mold and other industries gathered in Shanghai. At demarche's Shanghai factory, demarche once again led demarche's extraordinary strength through the open visit day

on the opening day of this year, demaji exhibited CNC series universal lathes, CNC universal 5-axis machining centers, dmcv series vertical machining centers and dmch series horizontal machining centers; Many of these models entered China after the first launch of the German emo exhibition in September this year, which shows the importance the company attaches to the Chinese market. New products are the protagonists of the open day. Only by weeding out the old and bringing forth the new can we attract customers

dmchduoblock series horizontal machining center, dmu/dmcduoblock series universal 5-axis machining center, dmumonoblock series universal milling machine and other models on display at demarche's product promotion conference this year fully reflect the design concept of planting a money tree for customers through the selection of multiple formulas, realizing the fast, safe and efficient processing process. Users from China signed a sales contract of 23 sets, totaling 2.659 million euros. The author believes that the demonstration effect of on-site purchase has played a role in attracting more follow-up sales, and the sales staff of the manufacturer will also catch up with the intentional orders

as a reservation activity for the open visit day, on the last day of the product promotion, demarche held a Christmas welcome party as usual. Mr. chenyixiang, general manager of the southern region of demarche (China) Co., Ltd., together with his colleagues, had a drink with more than 100 users. The Communist Party of China wished the Chinese market prosperity and a happy holiday in the enjoyment of wine, food and wonderful music. According to Mr. chenyixiang, in 2006, the Chinese market will see a new demaji: including sales, service, training, application support and machines made in China. The opening day has become the day to announce the brand's new year's aspirations. In an entertaining atmosphere, the sense of brand closeness is set off, and the customer will be familiar with it again

2011, the seventh open day of demaji was held in the experience center of demaji in Shanghai Minhang Industrial Zone on December. Experience the most advanced processing technology that DMG represents highly flexible and wide processing range, and effectively expand the product line to meet future processing needs; In addition, high-speed and stable cutting can create excellent surface quality for customers and improve the added value of products, which are the two themes of this open visit day

zero distance processing demonstration, subtle process analysis and wonderful theme presentation will jointly expand each other's experience circle. Moreover, the customer enterprises participating in the conference can also bring their own workpiece drawings. Demaji experts will share how to plan production quickly and safely and obtain high production flexibility. From the drawings to the final finished workpiece, they can get their own answers on the spot

demaji's open day is the entertainment of product experience. It includes the unique culture of the enterprise, rich on-site activities, process design combining dynamic and static, and the binding effect of joint display. Moreover, the theme impression after entertainment is the best standard to judge the success of the open visit day. The author suggests that technology should serve people, and products should be applied to people, so that people can accept it easily and happily, rather than forced display of busy and reactive work

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