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Analysis of the problems existing in the current blanket

I. the supply of real cushion blanket is in excess of the demand, and the vicious competition at low prices is fierce

due to the low technical content of ordinary real cushion blanket, the small investment, the simple equipment, and the frequent outflow of personnel, there are repeated factory production. Taking Shanghai as an example, there was only one enterprise in the 1980s, and by the mid-1990s, there were as many as eight. Due to the similarity of raw materials, equipment and processes, there is a situation of low price competition

for example, in 1999, the average sales price of 7 of the 11 factories decreased compared with that of 1998, and the largest decrease was only 67.4% of that of the previous year. The largest decline in equipment utilization rate was only 20.7% in the previous year. As the supply exceeds the demand, the bad debts and bad debts increase due to the decrease of prices and the promotion of credit sales. The continuation of this situation makes some manufacturers who have been coaxed at the beginning be 1) mistaken idea 1: the first test point does not need to push the progressiveness of the jaw representative technology. It was during this period that the profits of blanket manufacturers decreased, the accumulation decreased, and the development became more difficult

II. Insufficient attention to market segmentation of product varieties

in the past two years, the development of any product will experience a fine differentiation from extensive type to product and market. But this process is not the same in every country. China is the birthplace of printing. Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, China's printing industry has made great progress, but it has not kept up with the development of the variety of blanket matching the printing production, and has not paid enough attention to the refinement of the product market. For example, the special blanket for UV printing, reprint and imprint printing, and the special blanket for computer form machine need to be researched and developed. Of course, the segmentation of the product market needs the joint cultivation of users and manufacturers, but the manufacturers should take the initiative to play a guiding role

III. there are still many difficulties in self-research, development and production of air cushion blanket with high technical content

based on the analysis of blanket production in developed countries, such as Meiji in Japan, Sumitomo in France, rollin in Germany, conti in Germany, etc., they are all large and medium-sized rubber manufacturing enterprises, and one of the manufacturing departments is engaged in blanket production. For example, Meiji Corporation of Japan, the turnover of rubber blanket only accounts for 17% of its total turnover. Due to the good industrial foundation of developed countries, rubber industry, textile industry and printing industry are all their traditional industries with mature technology. The mutual penetration of technologies and the exchange of information transmission are much better than those of China. The research, development and production of air cushion rubber blanket with high technical content benefit from the injection of a large amount of research and development funds from large enterprises and the participation of professionals, and continue to engage in product development in combination with the comprehensive information of the rubber, textile and printing industries, so as to meet the needs of the growing printing market

in contrast to domestic blanket production, according to the statistics of printing equipment branch in 1999, the annual sales volume was 180.86 million yuan, excluding the sales volume of Sino Japanese joint venture Shanghai Meiji company, the annual sales volume was only 106.22 million yuan. Rubber blanket production plants are basically irrelevant to the rubber manufacturing industry, and are set up in small enterprises dominated by printing equipment, or even workshop type township (Village) enterprises. The enterprise itself has little capital, let alone a large amount of research and development funds. It is lack of talents, and the comprehensive information exchange of rubber textile and printing industry is even more difficult. Therefore, over the years, domestic enterprises have made their own research and development and production of air cushion blanket more difficult

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