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Analysis on the printing technology of offset UV ink and UV varnish. Offset synthetic ink is an oxidation drying ink, which requires time for oxidation drying. It is an important aspect of test laboratory management to ensure that the equipment operates at full load and the test items are completed on time without interruption. The production process has process shortcomings such as difficult drying, printing surface sticking, complex auxiliary processes, large consumption and low production efficiency. Through the promotion of new technologies in recent years, offset UV printing process has been gradually used for gold silver cardboard and laser cardboard, This process is very popular because of its high printing efficiency, UV ink and UV varnish are printed and dried immediately, and the process flow is simple

offset UV printing process requirements

UV used for offset printing "You must have an in-depth understanding of the resin. The printing process requires high printing speed. The printed matter cannot stretch and deform during the printing process to ensure the accuracy of multi-color overprint, and the paper and materials can be received automatically and intelligently at a high speed.

technical analysis of UV equipment for offset printing UV printing

the greater the delamination factor of offset printing, the greater the UV ink and UV varnish printing process requires that the offset printing machine must be equipped with a UV curing machine or a built-in UV curing system and other equipment, and the medium and low cost printing machines with less than 10000 sheets/hour The high-speed offset press usually uses UV curing machine and other equipment to connect with the offset press. The conventional UV curing machine is usually used in the silk printing industry. The core equipment used is UV lamp. The UV lamp used is a common high-temperature low-intensity UV lamp. The UV lamp has high luminous temperature and slow curing speed. If the high-power UV lamp is used to improve the curing speed, the lighting temperature will be doubled, The heating temperature of the illuminated printed matter is higher than 80 ℃, resulting in the thermal expansion and deformation of the gold silver cardboard and the laser cardboard, which can not meet the requirements of the offset UV printing process. The conventional UV light curing machine is generally used in the silk printing process with low printing process requirements and low multi-color overprint requirements. The offset UV printing must be equipped with intelligent automatic paper receiving Low temperature high-speed UV curing machine and other drying equipment

offset UV printing process characteristics

offset UV printing technology is a new technology. The offset UV ink and UV varnish used are environmentally friendly water-based inks, while the conventional offset ink is oil-based inks. There are great differences in printing methods. Printing technicians who are proficient in this kind of printing process characteristics are required to carry out UV printing production. Without offset UV printing professional printing technicians, they cannot be engaged in offset UV printing production

professional low-temperature and high-speed UV curing machine for offset printing

the full-automatic low-temperature and high-speed UV drying machine for offset printing, developed and produced by Shantou Huanan Machinery Co., Ltd. according to the requirements of offset UV printing process, uses imported advanced low-temperature and high-intensity UV lamps, and is equipped with advanced UV lamp cooling system, so that the UV curing temperature is controlled at about 45 ℃ at room temperature, and the drying speed is 9000 pieces/hour, In order to adapt to the high-speed printing and paper receiving of offset press, intelligent automatic paper receiving machine is equipped, which meets the requirements of UV printing process of low temperature and high speed offset press. The Shuanghu brand full-automatic offset printing low-temperature high-speed UV dryer products of Shantou Huanan Machinery Co., Ltd. have been used by printing manufacturers in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other printing developed areas for many years, and have been continuously optimized and developed. Now, it has formed a series of famous and high-quality products with multiple models and specifications that can be professionally matched with various monochrome and multi-color offset printing machines

offset UV printing process service

Shantou Huanan Machinery Co., Ltd. also summarized and studied offset UV printing technology, analyzed the different characteristics of offset UV ink and conventional offset ink, and the differences of printing process technology, mastered a complete set of offset UV printing process technology, trained a group of professional technicians proficient in offset UV printing technology, and provided users with all-round guidance and training services for offset UV printing process technology, Now it has become a well-known enterprise which is welcomed and trusted by the majority of printing manufacturers

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