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Analysis on the production and demand of overseas packaging machinery market

at present, the global demand for packaging machinery is growing at an annual rate of 5.3%, reaching US $29billion in 2005. The United States has the largest packaging equipment manufacturer, followed by Japan. Other major manufacturers include Germany, Italy and China. But at present, the fastest growth of packaging equipment production is in developing countries and regions. Developed countries will benefit from stimulating domestic demand, and look for suitable local manufacturers in developing countries, especially to invest in food processing plants and provide packaging machinery and equipment

1 market demand of packaging machinery in some countries and regions

● France

the French packaging machinery market has been growing steadily at a rate of 4-5% since 1998. At present, it is the third largest packaging machinery market in Europe. The French packaging machinery industry is mainly composed of small and medium-sized highly specialized companies. The French market is characterized by an increasing demand for flexible, versatile and automated machinery. Most of the imported products of France come from the European Union, and the products from the United States and Japan also account for a large proportion. French packaging machinery is mainly exported to EU countries, while the United States is one of the main non EU markets for French packaging machinery

● other European regions

according to the market survey report of frost Sullivan in the United States, by 2007, the total market value of European packaging machinery is expected to increase from US $4.6 billion in 2000 to US $6.5 billion, with huge market potential. Those industries that traditionally do not use packaging systems will become new customers in the packaging machinery market, thus becoming one of the factors to stimulate sales growth

the proportion of companies that have packaging equipment to update or increase packaging production lines will rise in the future: especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

the survey report also points out that small manufacturers who only purchased separate packaging machinery in the past will gradually understand the advantages of the "integrated packaging production line" and become potential users of such products. Therefore, in the future packaging machinery market, the share of such packaging machinery will be on the rise. On the other hand, OEM manufacturers and end consumers will tend to buy Packaging machinery that is easy to operate and install. In particular, there are a large number of layoffs in the current manufacturing industry, and the time limit requirements are increasing. The demand for simple operating systems will increase day by day. Therefore, in order to gain a place in the future packaging market, efficient customer service and mechanical maintenance will be one of the most important competitive conditions

● Russia

the market capacity of Russian packaging machinery is US $5-7billion per year, of which Russian manufacturers account for only 20% of the market share, and these manufacturers mainly produce semi-automatic equipment. At present, they are not able to meet the overall needs of the Russian packaging industry. Germany, Italy and Sweden are the major equipment importers. From 2002 to 2004, the most potential fields of packaging machinery market sales are food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and personal care industry. The most potential packaging equipment requires high quality, universal applicability of packaging materials and medium price

● the United States

the packaging industry in the United States started in the early 20th century and has developed rapidly since World War II. It has gradually established and formed a complete and independent industrial system including packaging materials, packaging technology and packaging machinery. The total output value of its packaging industry accounts for 3% of the total national economic output value. The largest use industry of its packaging machinery is the food industry, followed by the beverage industry, household cleaning products and cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical products and tobacco industry

in the U.S. food industry, the annual demand for packaging machinery for vegetables and fruits accounted for the largest proportion, accounting for 20.3% by 2005; The packaging machinery required for meat products is the second; Dairy products ranked third, bread fourth and candy fifth. Except for meat products, the proportion of annual demand value of milk crystal and candy packaging machinery in the total demand value of the food industry showed a downward trend. Other industries are mainly composed of household cleaning products and cosmetics, tobacco products, pharmaceutical products and daily necessities. The annual demand of other industries for packaging machinery accounts for about 1/3 of the total annual demand

at present, the packaging machinery with promising prospects in the United States is: horizontal pillow type microcomputer controlled packaging machinery equipped with servo motor and electric control device with good film tension. In the future, microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, intelligent, image sensitive technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery, making packaging machinery more and more automated, efficient and energy-saving

● Taiwan, China, China

the development history of packaging machinery in Taiwan has exceeded 30 years. Under the export-oriented economic structure, the packaging machinery industry has accelerated growth, and the demand for automation equipment has surged. In recent years, with the industrial transformation, the operators have continuously changed their business forms and made substantial improvements in the technology of food packaging machinery. The demand for various packaging machinery will grow rapidly in the next few years

there are more than 200 packaging machinery manufacturers in Taiwan, most of which are distributed in the central and northern regions. The vast majority of them are small and medium-sized enterprises with a capital of less than NT $50million and a scale of less than 30 people. Because the scale of production is generally too small, it is difficult to raise funds, carry out technological transformation and attract talents. The lack of technical personnel has led to the long-term dependence on foreign manufacturers for key parts, which makes it difficult to improve product quality and will soon face the threat of developing countries

the import of various types of machinery in Taiwan is still very optimistic in the next few years. If the future operators can strive to improve the mechanical performance, carry out market development in a planned way, devote themselves to market intelligence collection, and strengthen after-sales service, there will still be great development in the future. The Express packaging materials will not be degraded for 100 years

2 production and export of packaging machinery in developed countries

● Germany

Germany's packaging machinery is in a leading position in terms of design, manufacturing and technical performance. In 2002, the output value of German packaging machinery reached 3.4 billion euros, an increase of 10% over 2001. For example, according to different packaging materials, in 2002, the German glass packaging industry increased by nearly 1.6%, wood by nearly 3.6%, paper and paperboard by nearly 11.9%, plastic by nearly 13.4%, and metal by nearly 6.2%, of which aluminum packaging products increased by nearly 3.9%. 70% of European packaging machinery is produced in Germany, and 77% of its output is exported, accounting for 29% of the world's packaging machinery export market, ranking first in the world. China is an important exporter of German packaging machinery, especially food processing and packaging machinery. The main export markets of packaging machinery in Germany are the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia. German packaging machinery is among the best in measurement, manufacturing and technical performance. In particular, beer and beverage filling equipment has the characteristics of high speed, complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability. The packaging machinery produced by some large companies integrates machine, electricity, instrument and microcomputer control, adopts photoelectric induction, is controlled by cursor, and is equipped with anti-static devices. The large-scale automatic packaging machine not only has a large packaging volume, but also can complete the bag making, weighing, filling, vacuum pumping, sealing and other processes on a single machine. The packaging machinery industry in Germany has been growing steadily for many years, accounting for about 80% of exports. It is the largest exporter of packaging machinery in the world

the export trade of German packaging machinery has two characteristics: first, the absolute amount is large; Second, the relative proportion is high. German packaging machinery manufacturers are committed to high-tech, high-quality production and reliable service. The advantage lies in the ability to provide solutions to various production problems and perfect production lines, and maintain cooperative relations with professional companies

● United States

the United States is a country with a long history of development of packaging machinery in the world. 1. Precautions for using mortar tensile testing machine. It has already formed an independent and complete packaging machinery system, and its variety and output rank first in the world. For more than a decade, the United States has always maintained its position as the world's largest producer and consumer of packaging machinery. Its products are mostly high, large, refined and sophisticated. Machinery and computers are closely combined to achieve mechatronic control. Among the new mechanical products, molding, filling and sealing machines have the fastest growth. The wrapping machine and film packaging machine account for 15% of the total market share. At the time of handover, it is necessary to consider the operation of the equipment and whether there are abnormal phenomena%. The carton sealing and packaging machine ranks second in the market share. Since the 1990s, the packaging machinery industry in the United States has maintained a good momentum of development. Most of the packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States are attached to large packaging material factories, and their sales are also completely dependent on the parent company. China has become the 6th largest export market of American packaging machinery after Canada, Mexico, Japan, Britain and Germany

packaging machinery manufacturers pay more and more attention to the development of fast and low-cost packaging equipment. The equipment is small, flexible, multi-purpose and efficient. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs. Therefore, the packaging industry is pursuing modular, concise and mobile packaging equipment. In the aspect of packaging machinery automation, automatic operation procedures have been widely used, such as PLC equipment, data collection system, etc

● Japan

Japan's packaging machinery manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, there are more than 200 and more than 100 manufacturers of packaging materials and packaging machinery related equipment. There are nearly 500 kinds of packaging machinery, with more than 700 specifications. 148 packaging machinery manufacturers have joined the Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association, and their products account for 70% of Japan's packaging machinery production. The sales volume of food packaging machinery accounts for 51% of the packaging industry

packaging machinery is mainly small and medium-sized single machine, which has the advantages of small volume, high precision, easy installation, convenient operation and high degree of automation

since the 1990s, technologies such as frequency conversion adjustment, photoelectric tracking, contactless electronic switch and dynamic data display have been applied to packaging machinery

most of Japan's packaging machinery is used in the field of food packaging, and the output value of food packaging machinery accounts for more than half of the total output value of packaging machinery

the main market of Japanese packaging machinery is Japan, and the export volume only accounts for 10% of the total output value. Asia is the main export market of Japanese packaging machinery. Since the 1990s, Japan's exports to China have increased significantly year by year. Since 1995, China has become the largest exporter of Japanese packaging machinery

● Italy

Italy is the fourth largest packaging machinery producer and the second largest packaging machinery exporter in the world. Its packaging equipment is mostly used in the food industry, such as candy packaging machine, tea packaging machine, filling machine, etc. Italian packaging machinery is characterized by excellent performance, elegant appearance and low price. Its export proportion accounts for about 80%. The United States is its largest export market. Since the 1990s, Italy's export of packaging machinery to China has grown rapidly. In 1995, China has jumped to the second place in Italy's export ranking

in recent years, Italy's packaging industry has developed rapidly, and its output value and export volume have increased year by year, ranking among the top in the world. The PET bottle one-step production equipment produced by SIPA company in Italy is well-known in the world, and the equipment of SIPA company is used by Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola bottling plants in the United States. The small dose particle packaging machine produced by ilapak company of Italy adopts mechanical drum metering and continuous metering

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