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The authentic glutinous rice glue independently developed and produced by Meijiabao uses pure natural glutinous rice as raw material, has ultra-low temperature frost resistance, and does not add any harmful substances. Each batch of products has been professionally tested to ensure that the products that reach customers are the best

wallpaper glue, as an auxiliary material industry closely related to wallpaper, now the problem of product homogenization is more serious, and the phenomenon of "speculation concept" is also emerging in endlessly, such as promoting that their products are glutinous rice glue, bamboo charcoal, seabed essence extraction, etc., which makes people unable to distinguish between true and false. As a member of the auxiliary material industry, Meijiabao has always focused on the R & D and production of glutinous rice glue, just to create the only authentic glutinous rice glue in the industry and become an expert and leader in the field of glutinous rice glue

the authentic glutinous rice glue independently developed and produced by Meijiabao uses pure natural glutinous rice as raw material, has ultra-low temperature frost resistance, and does not add any harmful substances. Each batch of products has been professionally tested to ensure that the products that reach customers are the best. Its pure natural glutinous rice raw material formula, ultra-low temperature antifreeze and 18 traditional processes of glue making have obtained national invention patents

authentic glutinous rice glue. This is the only one in China. What kind of glutinous rice glue can be called "authentic"? That is, glutinous rice glue made of real glutinous rice instead of some modified starch or plant fiber. Throughout the entire wallpaper accessories industry, glutinous rice glue has long replaced wallpaper glue powder and glue as the preferred accessories for modern decoration. Various manufacturers have also increased their efforts to promote glutinous rice glue and publicize its environmental protection and performance advantages. But dealers do not know that the glutinous rice glue advertised by various manufacturers is really made of glutinous rice? At present, there are countless phenomena that starch glue is used as glutinous rice glue in the industry. How can we distinguish whether it is real glutinous rice glue? The simplest way is to look at the appearance. The transparent and shiny appearance is starch glue, while the real glutinous rice glue is beige and opaque, and you can smell rice fragrance after opening it. Based on this, you can clearly distinguish the true and false glutinous rice glue

Meijiabao solemnly promises that there is only one glutinous rice glue made of glutinous rice in China! Moreover, Meijiabao glutinous rice glue has won three national invention patents. The authentic glutinous rice glue only belongs to Meijiabao. I hope dealers will not be blinded by publicity and recognize what the real glutinous rice glue is

seeing is believing, reproducing 18 traditional crafts

maybe many people will ask, how do you get so much knowledge to be a glue? But in fact, the knowledge of making glue is great, and the knowledge of making authentic glutinous rice glue is even greater. Maybe someone will ask, how can making authentic glutinous rice glue be related to traditional technology? As everyone knows, glutinous rice glue is the treasure of the Millennium culture of the Chinese nation. Meijiabao inherited and developed the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancient people, and used modern machines without changing the manufacturing process, making the authentic glutinous rice glue reappear in the Jianghu

as we all know, paste is rice paste, and the production of rice paste requires three major processes: rice screening, rice soaking and rice cooking. Meijiabao continues these three processes and adds self-developed formulas. Authentic glutinous rice glue can only be sent to all parts of the country after eighteen traditional processes. Each process is the guarantee of glutinous rice glue quality, and one less process is waste. Now these 18 traditional processes have been applied for national invention patents, which is the result of the joint efforts of Meijia insurance

Meijiabao inherits the traditional craft and also innovates the traditional craft, so that the treasure of Chinese culture can continue. We should not be careless in every step of rice screening, rice soaking, rice boiling, layer by layer detection, packaging and delivery. Adhering to the principle of customer first, we should carefully do a good job in every bag of glue

innovate technology and escort high-quality products

the spirit of innovation is one of the most important spirits in the 21st century. Meijiabao is not only at the forefront of ideas, but also at the forefront of the industry. All products of Meijiabao are independently developed. It has the only product research and development room in the industry, which is fully equipped and professionally staffed. Products including authentic glutinous rice glue were born in the research and development room. Through continuous analysis and experiments, researchers finally developed authentic glutinous rice glue after countless failures, which is the embodiment of the innovative spirit of Meijiabao

macabre continues to develop and research new products, but also does not forget to ensure the quality of existing products. Each batch of products must be tested layer by layer. Viscosity, solid content, peel strength, pH value testing, etc. are the guarantee of the high quality of Meijiabao glutinous rice glue, so that the problem products can be stopped in the factory and zero problem products can flow out. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for the company to move forward. We constantly develop and improve products in order to achieve 100 points of customer satisfaction

in addition to being applied to wallpaper, authentic glutinous rice glue is also the best choice for wall cloth pasting. The viscosity of glutinous rice glue can firmly adhere to the thick wall cloth, and will not cause pollution and damage to the wall cloth. As the saying goes, good wine goes with good food, and high-end wall cloth and high-end glutinous rice glue are a perfect combination, making the home comfortable and environmentally friendly

Meijiabao is integrated from research and development to production, and always escorts high-quality products. The strict quality control makes Meijiabao so confident in authentic glutinous rice glue

authentic glutinous rice glue is only the beginning.

authentic glutinous rice glue "has been imitated and never surpassed". Its solid content, viscosity, peel strength, and ultra-low temperature antifreeze technology are unique in the industry. It is changing the trend of wallpaper accessories industry, and the existing powder glue combination will be eliminated by the industry, for which maxapo is ready. Authentic glutinous rice glue has won the unanimous praise of the majority of dealers for its environmental protection, ultra-low temperature frost resistance, super viscosity and fashionable and beautiful packaging, and will become the first product in the auxiliary material industry

2014 is a year for the rise of authentic glutinous rice glue and Meijia baotengfei, but Meijia baotengfei needs everyone's company on the way to success, and needs the recognition and support of the majority of dealers. Authentic glutinous rice glue is just the beginning. Meijiabao is not satisfied with authentic glutinous rice glue. In 2014, the company is determined to make authentic glutinous rice glue spread all over China. At the same time, it will also develop better and more environmentally friendly products to raise customer satisfaction to a higher level

at the recently concluded March Beijing wallpaper exhibition, MJB won the title of "best supplier" issued by Huiya information and China Interior Decoration Association. This is the dealer's recognition of Meijiabao and the proof of the efforts of Meijiabao. But Meijiabao is not satisfied with these achievements. The day when authentic glutinous rice glue enters every household is its success. They are determined to create a 100% environmental protection home environment for every household





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