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Enjoy the era ・ foresee the future & On June 22, 2018, the 2018 China coating Summit Forum and China coating brand grand meeting with the theme of "winning the era and anticipating the future" was grandly held in Guangzhou Shangri La Hotel. At the grand meeting, awards were awarded to a group of enterprise brands that have won the affirmation of the industry and played an exemplary role in the development of coating enterprises. Hesheng waterproof won the title of "influential brand of waterproof coating" again at the award ceremony. So far, it has been five consecutive years of winning this honor at the grand meeting of Chinese coating brands

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◆ it is understood that the China paint brand event hosted by HC360 has experienced years of development, has always been recognized and supported by the industry, and has become a top authoritative industry event in the field of chemical coatings in China. Representatives of coating enterprises, real estate companies, channel agents, furniture enterprises, industry experts and many news media reporters from all over the country jointly witnessed the glorious moment of the influential brand enterprises of this Chinese coating brand event. Among them, Hesheng waterproof representatives attended the ceremony and went on stage to receive the honorary award of "2017 influential brand of waterproof coating"

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▲ Hesheng waterproof - General Manager Lu Haoran attended this event

◆ Hesheng waterproof was once again awarded the title of "influential brand of waterproof coating", thanks to the company's commitment to quality and weight and its strong investment in R & D and innovation over the years. This honor fully demonstrates the influence ability of Hesheng waterproof in the coating industry, reflects the great affirmation of Hesheng waterproof in the industry, and further demonstrates the brand strength of Hesheng waterproof in China's building waterproof coating industry

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◆ after receiving the award of "waterproof coating influence brand", Zhong Biao, deputy general manager of Hesheng waterproof enterprise, accepted the interview invitation of the organizer. Zhong Biao, the deputy general manager, shared his experience of winning the award with the reporter and said, "we can't take a step less on the road of building a brand! Hesheng waterproof is determined to be the most loyal waterproof guard of national buildings, and will continue to provide better, more environmental friendly and safer waterproof coatings and services to feed back and forth more consumers. At the same time, I sincerely thank the majority of merchants for their care and support for Hesheng waterproof for many years!"

▲ Hesheng waterproof - Zhong Biao, deputy general manager, was interviewed

◆ Hesheng waterproof was founded in May 1996 and is headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong, the hometown of Chinese coatings. Relying on excellent technical quality and good reputation charm, the company has now developed into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise with R & D, production, sales, construction and after-sales service in China's construction waterproof industry

◆ Hesheng waterproof enterprise has strong technical force, advanced laboratories and a research and development team composed of engineers from domestic well-known universities specializing in chemical building materials and polymer materials and who have been engaged in the development and research of building waterproof materials for many years. Over the years of research and development, it has successively developed a variety of high-end new waterproof materials, such as high-strength polyurethane waterproof paint suitable for high-speed rail, and other new environmentally friendly water curing polyurethane waterproof paint, one component polyurethane waterproof paint, 911 polyurethane waterproof paint, JS polymer cement waterproof paint, water stop, leakage stoppage and water proof coiled materials. It also has an automatic production line with an annual output of more than 100000 tons of waterproof paint and more than 30000 tons of plugging, sealing and other waterproof materials. It is one of the largest waterproof material production enterprises in China at present. Hesheng waterproof has a good brand reputation, and has won the honorary titles of "top ten waterproof coating brands", "top ten waterproof material brands", "waterproof coating influence brands" and so on

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