Seven aunts and eight aunts help decorate Liu Dama

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Our house can be brilliantly summarized as &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; The crystallization of love ”, Because I don't have a mother-in-law, almost everyone in my husband's family has given a lot of help to our house. Thanks to my seven aunts and eight aunts, and thanks to my marriage into this big family full of love and trust, we have today's happy nest. It can be said that we are really no worse than any post-80s daughter-in-law. We have precious love and &mdash& mdash;& ldquo; The crystallization of love &rdquo

first of all, let's talk about the origin of the house. A total of 3000 people signed up for the lottery for the welfare of college students in our unit, but there are only 100 houses available. Based on the principle of fairness and justice, we implement the live lottery. It's a great honor and incredible and exciting to say that Miss Ben is honored to be on the list with a good score of 13th from the bottom...... Fortunately, I finally got the section chief level golden floor on the fourth floor (thanks again for my husband's aunt's wise measures). Oh, yes, it's not free, or it's half cheaper than the market price. It's a unit benefit. So our two poor children finally owned their own house with the help of seven aunts and eight aunts. They didn't have a loan, but earned a lot of love. Here we thank our seven aunts and eight aunts for their full support

living room

1. The TV wall was the boldest color in my family. At that time, this wallpaper had a series of colors that the public didn't make mistakes, such as coffee and gray. Finally, after entanglement, they chose the first feeling, Now the overall color is heavier, but I still like it. The whole wall costs 400 yuan (including wallpaper + glue + labor)

2. The set-top box under the TV is the small sofa stool supporting the tea table, which temporarily acts as a TV cabinet. When you have saved enough money, you can add ~ (tea table + two sofa stools 1300 yuan)

3. Fanggrass panel, a gray air conditioner that is relatively rare &mdash& mdash; Gree King fashion (wedding gift from my husband's aunt, so we are really super happy)

4. The black-and-white shoe cabinet is 1000 yuan, bought from red star Macalline, sent by my father-in-law, selected by my aunt, with double-sided doors, decorative flower racks on the side, the most satisfactory shoe cabinet

5. Shenzhen kudu foreign trade sofa, 4000 yuan samples, all dirty after buying, just because it's cheap, my husband and I are optimistic about it in July, As a result, it's fate to see it again after the Spring Festival. If the new product is 7000 yuan a set, U-shaped widened sofa and two imperial concubines' beds, they still think it's more valuable ~

6. The wall decoration painting is 220 yuan, which is bought in a physical store, because they rush to get married, and they will be replaced in the future~





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