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In the process of new house decoration, we may pay attention to many issues, such as decoration materials, prices, design, etc., which are all issues that we pay more attention to, but few people seem to care about feng shui

here we would like to remind you that if you don't pay attention to Feng Shui in the process of new house decoration, or even accidentally violate some Feng Shui taboos, it will have a great impact on the feng shui of the house. In this way, no matter how well the house is decorated, your own fortune is not good living in it, so it's estimated that no one will live happily

do you care about these geomantic fastidiousness in the decoration of new houses

so here we are going to talk to you about some Feng Shui considerations that should be paid attention to when decorating new houses

first, women should not exist during decoration

since ancient times, men are Yang and women are Yin, while people's houses are Yang houses, so strong Yang Qi is needed. The more Yang Qi is, the better Feng Shui is, so try not to appear women in the process of decoration. Even there should be no women in the decoration team, so that the Yang of the house can be as strong as possible, which is of great help to the feng shui of the house

on the contrary, if the presence of women makes the Yin Qi and Yang Qi in the house stronger and weaker, it will have a certain adverse impact on the feng shui of the house, and eventually the fate of the residents will be implicated

second, attention should be paid to the starting time of decoration

in geomantic omen, we attach great importance to geomantic omen in different periods of time, so whether moving or decoration, we should choose a auspicious day. For some taboos in geomantic omen, we should try to avoid the time of ground breaking, but choose the kind of taboo free day for decoration, so that geomantic omen will help the house more

try to maintain the geomantic omen of the house, mainly to ensure that you can have better luck in living in the house in the future, so you can't ignore the geomantic problems of decoration

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feng shui knowledge in the bathroom in the bedroom

how to arrange the Feng Shui in the bathroom in the bedroom

1. The location of the bathroom

as the source of the pollution in the bedroom, we must pay attention to the location of the bathroom: the bathroom should not be in the center of the bedroom, so as to prevent the center from being polluted. The center of the room is the center of gravity of the house, which is as important as the human heart. The center is polluted, and the foul gas is easy to flow to other rooms. Living in it, you can breathe a lot of foul gas every day, which is easy to get diseases; Moreover, the bathroom in the center of the house must have poor lighting. In addition, the bathroom is originally a place with a lot of water, and the humid air is stuffy indoors, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is certainly detrimental to health

2. Position of toilet

the position of toilet should be concealed. If the bathroom is large, it is best to arrange the toilet in a position that cannot be seen from the bathroom door, hidden behind the low wall, screen or curtain, and it is best not to see it from the mirror. Try to close the toilet cover at ordinary times

3. Use appropriate colors

the five elements of the bathroom belong to water, so the color of the bathroom is best to choose gold white and water black and blue, which is elegant and can produce a sense of tranquility. Light green, light yellow, light blue, milky white, etc. also give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, which is more suitable for use in the bathroom. You should avoid using harsh colors such as bright red, which will make toilet users irritable

4. Use plants to dissolve filth

green plants are placed in the toilet to dissolve the filth of the toilet, but because the toilet is wet and the temperature difference between cold and warm is large, it is not very beneficial to the growth of many plants. When choosing green plants, you must pay attention. It is best to choose plants that like darkness. Potted decoration can add natural interest, which is suitable for planting ornamental green plants with moisture resistance, such as ferns, vertical plants, goldenrod, etc. Of course, if the bathroom is spacious, bright and air-conditioned, you can plant more colorful plants such as pineapple, taro, Cymbidium and so on

precautions for Feng Shui layout of the bathroom in the bedroom

1. Do not build a basin in the bathroom in the bedroom

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